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Application of Electronic Injection Technology in Modern Diesel Generator Sets


1 The status quo of diesel electrical control technology for power generation One electronic speed control The modern Diesel Engine technology has reached a very high level. However, in order to further improve the degree of enhancement, reduce fuel consumption, increase reliability, extend life and reduce harmful emissions and noise, the research and application of diesel electrical control technology is still deepening, especially in modern Diesel generator sets. Quality, automation and intelligence are especially important.

The mechanical speed regulation of the diesel engine for power generation is improved to electronic speed regulation, which effectively improves the steady state and transient indexes of the Diesel Generator Set, and realizes the parallel automatic operation of the Diesel Generator set. Representative ones are: First, the EFC electronic governor is used on the Cummins Diesel generator set. As shown in the figure, the EFC electronic governor speed control system consists of a speed sensor, a speed control board and an actuator. The speed sensor is mounted on the flywheel cover to transmit the AC signal sensed by the flywheel ring gear to the speed control board. Compared with the original parameters, when the difference occurs, the amount of current sent to the actuator is changed, the actuator shaft is rotated, the fuel supply of the fuel system is changed, and the rotational speed of the diesel engine is kept constant and the output power is generated. Change, this electronic speed control system is applied to the diesel engine of the PT pump fuel supply mode.

The second is the Woodward electronic governor system, which is a general-purpose fuel pump-distribution pump for Diesel Engines. The in-line combination pump realizes electronic speed regulation, and the electronic governor is composed. The working process is similar to the original mechanical speed regulation process, except that the Mechanical Governor in the fuel pump is cancelled individually, and an independent actuator is used to control the adjustment sleeve in the original fuel pump to change the fuel supply of the fuel system. Because Woodward electronic speed control system has strong adaptability, and the original mechanical speed control fuel system only needs to be properly adjusted, it can be changed to electronic speed control, each series in Weirson Birkins diesel Generator Set . The diesel engine can be electronically regulated, and it is also used in some series of diesel engines of other brands.

2 Development of diesel electrical control technology for power generation 1—The diesel engine for electronic injection power generation is a variant of diesel engines for vehicles, ships and construction machinery. Therefore, the development of electronic control technology is inevitably affected by major products. In the middle and late 20th century, due to the stricter emission regulations of diesel vehicles and gasoline vehicles, the requirements for improving the economics of diesel engines have been further improved. Therefore, on the basis of the rapid development of gasoline electrical control technology, some developed countries began to diesel engines. The electronic control technology I-electrojet has been developed and researched and put into use.

The electronic injection technology and the electronic speed control technology have the same point, that is, the fuel injection quantity of the diesel engine is controlled, and the fundamental difference is that the electronic injection also has the electric signal to control the injection timing and the injection pressure, completely eliminating the fuel system. Mechanical structure.

The electronically controlled diesel injection system developed in the 1990s has two main forms.

One is the B:isch common rail electronically controlled diesel injection system as shown. It is characterized by a common high-pressure oil rail in the system, which uses a high-pressure (or medium-pressure) oil pump to pump oil into the common rail, and uses a solenoid valve to regulate the pressure in the fuel rail. The high-pressure (or medium-pressure) diesel oil is led to the injectors of the respective cylinders by the common oil rails, and the fuel injection amount and the injection timing are controlled by the solenoid valves installed in the injectors. The injection pressure is directly determined by Xu Naiqiang) Engineer Willy Jlei Shantou Bonded Zone n Power Equipment Co., Ltd. General Manager mgHouse.Allrightsreserved, http:// Second is Perkins company common rail electronically controlled diesel injection system, which is based on Bosch's EFI system. Improvement, system same. The system has no high-pressure oil pump. The EFI system is mainly composed of an electronic control module (ECM), a high-pressure lubricating oil supply pump, a jet pressure regulating valve, and an injector assembly. Its sensor: there are crankshaft position sensor (CMP), boost pressure sensor (MAP), injection pressure control sensor (EP), lubricant humidity sensor (EOT), Water Temperature Sensor system fuel flow as shown, fuel filtration Cleaner, oil pump (low pressure), fuel manifold to injector. In the fuel system, there is no high-pressure fuel flow, and the high-pressure fuel pipe is eliminated. This prevents the compressibility of the diesel oil and the elasticity of the oil pipe from forming pressure fluctuations in the oil pipe, which may cause the closed needle valve to reopen and the secondary injection to be abnormal. Burning, making the combustion incomplete.

The injection pressure control system in the system is as shown, and the system is made up of high. The high pressure engine oil flows in the system. The high-pressure oil supply pump is a pressure oil pump, a pressure regulator, a fuel injection pressure control sensor, a regulating valve, etc. The oil pump driven by the crankshaft drives seven pistons under normal operating conditions, the oil pump injector assembly is as shown, by electromagnetic Valve, poppet valve, acid strong piston, fuel injection nozzle assembly and so on. The injection power of the injector comes from the hydraulic energy. The piston and plunger in the injector are controlled by hydraulic pressure and speed. At the same time, the injection quantity is the time of the pulse emitted by the ECM to control the solenoid valve switch in the injector. The length of time, when the solenoid valve is energized, the poppet valve opens its seat, and the high pressure oil will push the piston and plunger down to the lowest position. When the ECM output signal disconnects the solenoid valve power supply from the injector, the fuel injection program stops and the poppet valve closes. Since the poppet valve is closed, the high-pressure oil delivery pipe is closed to stop the supply of oil to the acidified strong piston, and the high-pressure oil in the acidified strong piston is discharged into the rotary sump. The plunger spring pushes the acidified strong piston and plunger back into place, and when the plunger moves up, the fuel valve opens and low pressure fuel begins to be injected into the plunger.

The ECM is effectively controlled by its injectors for its injection speed, injection time and high pressure injection pressure.

Injection speed control: The injector assembly is executed by a hydraulic system, which is faster than conventional mechanical models, while its injection speed and injection pressure are independent of diesel engine speed.

Injection time control: The electronic injection control from the beginning to the end of the injection time, unlike the general electronic governor, the general electronic governor whose actuator is to pull (rotate) the plunger uniformly, not every cylinder Independently controlled, the injector of the injector of the EFI system is separately controlled by a solenoid valve, and the movement of the plunger is independent of the operating speed of the diesel engine or the duration of the crankshaft position sensor signal.

Injection pressure control: Injector acidification strong piston can generate multiple hydraulic force to push the plunger. Even if the input high pressure oil pressure is unstable, the injection pressure can be maintained at 20685. 3 Electronic injection control (electrospray) diesel generator set Perkins' common rail electronically controlled diesel injection system has been applied to the Weirson 1300 series diesel generators. The basic parameters of the 13(1) series diesel engine are: cylinder diameter/stroke 116. Compression ratio 159:1, number of cylinders is 6 power range from 5 grades from 145kW to 230kW.

Because the ECM system of this series of EFI diesel generator sets has more signal input than the mechanical (or electronic) governor, it can control the optimal fuel supply and injection time, which is especially reflected in the exhaust emission of the unit. And the noise is strictly in line with the latest international standards. At the same time, when the unit starts, the degree of black smoke is significantly reduced. When the load is suddenly increased, the pressure is 1447950--the hydraulic pressure is significantly reduced at high speed; the power is increased by 3%. 8%; simple structure and simple operation.

On the other hand, the ECM control system of the EFI diesel generator set realizes the intelligence of the diesel fuel supply system. Weir letter 1300 EFI diesel generator set self-test function button and indicator light and operating flash code display system, with 145 fault display contents for EFI system; and with speed monitoring interface, the speed can be arbitrarily within a certain range Setting and adjustment have strong applicability.

4 Conclusion EFI diesel generator sets have changed the scope of the original generator set control, which is the beginning of the diesel generator set to the green unit. Because in today's modern society, people have paid attention to the impact of the environment on the sustainable development of society and economy. They have attached great importance to the pollution control of vehicles, especially Gasoline Engine vehicles, and emphasized the necessity of electronic injection control engines. Forced popularity. In the near future, it is believed that the popularity of diesel electromechanical spray technology is not far off, and the universal application of EFI diesel generator sets will also attract widespread attention.

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